Thursday, September 6, 2012


26" x 22" Medium: Acrylic

It's been a year since I published an artwork. My husband and I have been so busy on a big project that it consumed all of  my time, even to paint. Finally I squeezed it in my schedule, and disregarded my household chores for almost a month. Thank goodness for laundromats, dine outs and my understanding husband who took over most chores and never complained about his wrinkled uniforms (I love you!).

I wanted to practice making portraits...was so amazed by other artists who can make portraiture so life-like and full of emotions. My self-portrait (the one I made a few years ago) looks like a dead fish next to theirs. Anyway, here's the finished product of my latest venture. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, but I'd still grade myself with a big, fat NI (Needs Improvement). Maybe most painters are never fully satisfied with their works, that's why they never stop painting. Or maybe that's just me.

Can't wait to start on my next project. I still have a few blank canvases at home.